Watch Parties

What is a Watch Party?

A watch party provides a communal space where online Global Digital Humanities Symposium sessions can be streamed live for DH community members to participate together in-person in your city or nearby.

Watch parties can provide a fun atmosphere to attend the Global Digital Humanities Symposium, networking opportunities, and more.

How to Host One?

Reserve a room, preferably with a large screen for shared viewing and microphones.

Share time/date details with local colleagues and the Global DH Planning Team.

Host a testing session to ensure the technology works and make a plan to manage the Q&A. It is strongly recommended that watch party participants who want to ask a question do so close to the Zoom computer microphone. 

Plan discussions, networking and any social activities.

If attending on Zoom:

  • Encourage those on Zoom to assign one person for chat communication. 
  • Figure out how decisions are made for what room to go to for the project showcase, or other events.

If attending via Livestream over YouTube:

  • Assign one person, logged in, to handle chat communication

We encourage questions from the watch parties via the chat in Zoom, as well as through chat through the livestream.

Support We’ll Give You

  • Promotion
    • MSU Global DH will promote your watch party so you can connect with other watch parties, or with those who would like to join yours.
  • Opportunity for a Watch Party Debrief after the symposium.

Don’t forget you can engage with the broader MSU Global DH audience on Mastadon and Twitter using the hashtag #msuglobaldh

Scheduled Watch Parties

Stanford University Center for Spatial and Textual Analysis (CESTA)

Live Streaming Event: MSU Global DH Symposium 
Monday, March 13 | 1:30 -3:30 PM | Wallenberg Hall, 4th Floor 

Join us at CESTA on Monday, March 13th, anytime between 1:30-3:30pm (Pacific) for a local Watch Party for the MSU Global DH Symposium! We’ll be live-streaming the Opening Remarks and afternoon sessions, including Stanford’s own Maciej Kurzynski’s paper, “Beyond Genealogy – The Woman Trope in Modern Chinese Narratives” at 1:45pm. We’ll provide snacks and camaraderie. Hope to see you!