2022 Planning Committee

The Global Digital Humanities Symposium 2022 will be organized by a planning committee of 10-12 people. The committee as a whole will meet monthly (virtually) beginning in July 2021 through May 2022 in order to plan, execute, and close out the 2022 event. Committee members will join one of three subcommittees (each including 3-4 people) which will also meet monthly (virtually) and as needed. Attendance at the Symposium (whether in person and/or virtually) is required for committee members.

See a description of the committee’s work and the breakdown of subcommittee work below.

We recognize the extraordinary time and commitment that this process requires. As such, we will provide a letter of appreciation for their work and a $300 (USD) honorarium to committee members after the 2022 Symposium. Because we depend on the commitment of planning committee members for the success of the Symposium, however, we reserve the right to remove from the committee anyone who does not participate in committee and/or subcommittee work for two months or longer (either via meeting attendance or through email contribution).

Apply to join the Planning Committee by filling out the form below by Monday, June 28, Friday, July 2, 2021. Email Kristen Mapes (kmapes@msu.edu) with questions.

Description of Committee Work and Subcommittees

Committee work as a whole

  • Select dates and format(s) for the Symposium
  • Determine multilingual approach
  • Consider accessibility across the event
  • Craft the schedule of the event (session length, types, etc)


Content and Publications

  • Select and communicate with keynote speakers
  • Draft the Call for Proposals in English and arrange for translation of the CFP as appropriate
  • Take lead on review of proposals, including drafting the rubric for reviewers, soliciting reviewers, and thanking them
  • Craft the program, including determining acceptances and rejections
  • Communicate with submitters regarding acceptance or rejection, and communicate with presenters leading up to and following the event as needed
  • Maintain conference proceedings website (msuglobaldh.hcommons.org)
  • Draft criteria and framework for proceedings and communicate with presenters as needed
  • Consider additional publication opportunities for presenters (special issues of journals etc) as appropriate

Technology and Volunteers

  • Solicit and communicate with reviewers, ensuring there are reviewers available to handle submissions in all languages of the CFP
  • Solicit and communicate with virtual and in person volunteers (e.g. moderators, streaming support, Tweeters, microphone runners)
  • Update the livestreaming and recording permissions form as needed and keep track of permissions from presenters
  • Coordinate in person spaces and technologies (for presentation and streaming) with MSU Libraries
  • Plan for technologies related to virtual components of the Symposium (meeting system, livestreaming, Q&A, etc)
  • Arrange live captioning in English and live interpretation among the languages of the Symposium as appropriate

Communications and Community Building

  • Maintain symposium website (msuglobaldh.org)
  • Disseminate information about the Symposium (CFP, registration, etc) to email lists and other communication channels
  • Draft and disseminate registration form and sign in form, and communicate with attendees as needed
  • Draft and disseminate the post-event survey
  • Update the Code of Conduct and reporting protocol
  • Plan and run social activities (to be determined by the subcommittee), virtual and in person as appropriate