Project Showcase Release Form

Below is the release form for project showcase presenters whose presentations are in advance of the Symposium. Note that permission can be rescinded at any time. Each presenter (not just a representative from each presentation) whose work will be broadcast should download the form in pdf format and submit it via email to by February 21, 2024.

Global Digital Humanities Symposium

College of Arts and Letters

Michigan State University


I authorize the Michigan State University College of Arts and Letters to photograph and/or record my image and voice during the Global Digital Humanities Symposium (March 18-20, 2024) and give Michigan State University and all persons or entities pursuant to MSU’s permission or authority, all rights to use the recorded images and audio 

  • I understand that my consent may be withdrawn at any time by contacting
  • I understand that Michigan State University does not own license or title to any intellectual property but serves as a custodian of this information. This means that I retain ownership rights of my presentation and can share it or publish it freely.
  • “Posted publicly” means uploaded to the public Digital Humanities at MSU YouTube channel. 
  • Videos posted to the Digital Humanities at MSU public video channel will be licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) license.

Check where appropriate:

I consent to have my recorded presentation posted publicly in advance of the Symposium
I consent to have my recorded presentation posted publicly after the Symposium
I do not consent to have my recorded presentation posted publicly